Carrot Cake, Ice Cream & Transformations!

It’s been a while since i last had chance to post, but that’s because i have been mad busy!!

Not only have i been rocking the kitchen ‘Fit-Chef’ style with some great protein infused recipes, but i have also had my head buried in exercise physiology journals working on the theory behind my ‘Evo-X’ training system.

Lets start with the ice cream!

It has been my goal to incorporate whey or casein into an ice cream style dessert.  So with the purchase of a cheap & cheerful ice cream maker, i set to it!

Combining a nice blend of chilling mint, with creamy chocolate taste, i have created a   very low fat, low carb ice cream, jam packed with protein.

With the recent heat wave, i have been wolfing this stuff down!

Not sticking with the one flavour, plus the fact i had some bananas to use up, i felt a nice creamy honey & banana flavour coming on.  Although this particular flavour contained a little more in the carb content due to the use of creme fraiche instead of low-fat yogurt & the ripe bananas of course.  The banana casein protein worked really well with the manuka honey & has been a real hit on the TBS Facebook  Page.

Today i have been working on my training system, with the final aim of starting a full finalised 12 week run of my programme.  I am also aiming at having a female try out the programme, in a slightly altered form, starting in the next couple of weeks.

Despite this, i have also been able to produce a whey protein carrot cake, with a lovely cream cheese topping.  Although the cake is shown here without the topping, i decided to produce the cake in more of a ‘loaf’ form, a little like the fantastic whey banana loaf i produced a few weeks ago.

Finally, i would just like to show just what can be achieved utilising the knowledge we have here at TBS.

Eriz has been a prominent member of the TBS forum, even sharing a few recipes such as the great Protein Spanish Tortilla that can be found on the TBS website.  However, the best thing Eriz has done is inspire others with his fantastic transformation.

Eriz started working with me a few months ago, & has really put the hard work in and as i like to put it ‘sweat equity’, to hit his goal of a ripped, lean physique before he emigrates! Well done buddy, you have done awesome!

Next week i will be blogging everyday, with an update of each component of the EVO-X Training System i am beginning.

My training has suffered an incredible amount over the last few weeks, with niggling injuries & looking for a new gym to begin going to.  Also, over the next few weeks i shall be beginning a new video blog & training videos, as well as some great interviews not to be missed!

Ciao for now!