Month: January 2013

2013: The Journey Begins

So this year i’ll be competing at the Miami Pro British Championships, as well as trying to qualify for the UKBFF British Finals, both of which are in October.

Depending upon my size & condition leading up to October, i will be competing in either the Fitness Model category, or Muscle Model for the Miami Pro and in the Men’s Physique category in the UKBFF.

I will also be considering my options after these competitions and may compete in the WBFF European Championships in Iceland or Denmark in November.

At the moment i am still in maximal growth mode, eating as much as possible & training with a varying rep range programme. I have taken elements of my EvO:XD training programme and utilise them throughout the week, training each body part twice a week. This may seem like a lot, but the workouts are quite short, always less than an hour and I find the extra volume works for me, particularly for chest, shoulders and legs.

Usually, i like to remain a good level of leanness throughout the year, using carb-cycling to minimise any fat-gains made during a bulking period. However, this time around i have decided to try and add as much mass as possible & see how much of a difference it will make to not only my overall muscle gains, but also my strength. Now this can be a problem for photoshoots & fitness modelling, as there is obviously a lack of definition using this method & the longer term goal has to be kept in mind everytime you look in the mirror and decide you are going to cut up. I’ll come back to this point, but suffice to say it has been hard & i have to look at myself as a powerlifter & not a fitness model at the moment. This is mainly due to a growing desire to compete at a powerlifting competition. Now, i don’t think i’m any kind of world beater & i wouldn’t be looking to win & step up to Worlds Strongest Man anytime in the next 250 years, but if i can hit a few PB’s and do the best that i can, i’ll be ecstatic.

So, with alll the above taken into account, I did a photoshoot on Monday with physique photographer, Brian Selway. Below is a shot from the session, one i particularly like as it shows that the growth face is definitely working, for my traps/back anyway haha!


Another reason for the photoshoot was this blog. I am going to be doing a photoshoot every month with Brian to record my progress going through to the competitions. This will serve a purpose, not only for my own monitoring purposes, but will also show the different stages throughout a competition preparation. There will also be other photoshoots, images of which i will post here, i’m also looking to try & get behind-the-scenes videos of some of them!

Along with the photoshoots, i’ll also be doing a video blog at the end of the month, basically talking about how i have felt the month has gone, what the coming months will bring etc. I am also looking at filming as many gym sessions as possible, showing typical gym sessions as the year progresses.

So as you can see, it’s going to be a busy year, so focus & determination are key! Here’s to a great 2013!!