Month: June 2012

A New Dawn…

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post.

Not for any other reason other than I just never really found the time to get it done.

Over 12 months ago I committed myself to getting into the best shape of my life & making a return to competition.

I’ll be brutally honest, I failed miserably. Why? Simply because I spread myself too thinly in the areas I needed to fully focus on, instead placing the importance in areas such as my personal training business and my career as a fire-fighter.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no regrets. Life should never be about regrets.

But I spent a lot of time being frustrated and unable to get away from the niggling feeling that I needed to lay the solid foundation and build upon it, otherwise I’d always be frustrated. So here I am (again!)

I’m not making it any easier on myself either. I’m as busy as I have ever been, not only with my business, but also with my fire-fighting career, where I am currently pushing for promotion. I am also currently aiding in a transformation of another kind, renovating and rebuilding a house. The work is labour intense and heavy duty. Below are pictures of a wall that I have built and patio area I have laid. The stone used for the patio is heavy, each piece weighing around the 60-75kg and needing to be carried up a path before placing. My work as a strength & conditioning coach and heavy compound lifting experience really has come in handy, plenty of deadlifting, snatches and pressing involved!

Whilst on that subject, check out the the brand new articles I have produced for the totalbodysculpture website. Introduction to Deadlifting, Squatting and most recently, Military Shoulder Pressing. These are part of a series I will be producing all geared towards the correct technique of core compound movements. The Bench Press, Pull Ups and variations of all the above will be coming soon, along with new Fit-Chef recipes and new website updates.











There are very few things more empowering than building something new from the foundations upwards, whether its a house, garden or a new body.

The premise remains the same, build a solid foundation using the right tools & materials, hard work, investment of sweat equity and focus.

So a little like the pictures above, I am rebuilding. From the foundation upwards, which is not only the best thing to do, it is also sometimes the hardest. It is too easy to attempt to skip a few steps & try to jump back into something before your body and mind is ready, only to fall down and lose motivation.

I’m inviting you all to share my journey, both the big victories and minor defeats on my way to stepping back on stage in 2013. I’ve already registered for the competition & if my progression is where I want it to be, there will be a couple of competitions before and after that too, as well as plenty of photo shoots.

Here’s to a new me, you and era!