EvO-XD: Legs (HEAVY), Chest/Calves, Back, Legs (LIGHT), Arms

It’s been a few days since i’ve had a proper chamce to sit down & collate all the info from last weeks workouts, but i’ve finally managed it. I will post each part separately, to avoid any confusion on what was performed in each workout.  Last week i trained Delts on Monday, with calves Legs on Tuesday, Chest on Wednesday, Back on Thursday, Legs again on Friday & Arms on Saturday.

I’m currently training my legs twice, just because it’s an area i’d like to develop more & lets face it, who really enjoys training their legs? So in training them twice, i will learn to love them (at least that’s what i tell myself as the blood rushes from my head & the sensation of nausea overwhelms me!)

I’ve split my leg training up to accomodate it being hit twice. Instead of the usual Hams & Quads split however, i have split it between a heavy, all out session & a lower weight/higher repetition session, with the occassional occlusion style training thrown in on the lower weight days as it is an ideal time for it.

Below are the training worksheets for my sessions.



Hamstrings & Quads

As you can see from the worksheets above, I am getting a little frustrated because I am limited by the equipment & weights available to me.  There are many ways to get around these problems, some are included in the worksheets, however it always pays to find a gym that can meet the demands of not only your training, but is affordable.  Sometimes you may have to travel a distance to find the ideal place, something i feel I will probably have to do soon.  Another key thing to think about regarding a place to train is the times you will be training. Try to check out gyms at the time that you yourself will be going to gauge how busy they will be on the equipment you prefer to use.  Although there are always variations & alternatives to exercises, if you can’t get on the equipment you like to use the majority of the time, it can be very easy to lose focus & become frustrated which in turn leads to a drop in motivation.

I am currently weighing up the pro’s & cons of switching back to my former gym (pro’s; one of the best equipped gyms in the UK, top of the range equipment & a wide variety of machines, dumbbells go up to super-human sizes. Cons; 30 mile roundtrip, opening times are more limited than my current 24hr gym, more expensive membership). Another positive is that my former gym is a great venue for recording training videos, so this could tip the balance in its favour.

I will also be giving a fixed date as to when the EvO-XD Training System will go live, which will coincide with a series of videos & a new website update. I will also be developing the members section of the website, which will see exclusive content & regular updates. More info about this will be coming soon.

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