EvO-XD Training System; Delts

I managed to get into the gym alot earlier than I have been doing recently, slowly adjusting my timetable & meal timings till I get them how I want them.  Many people make the mistake of trying to change too many variables in one go.  This can lead to one of 3 scenarios, the body taking too much time to adjust to so many things all in one go & an eventual curtailing of your training, too many things being adjusted at once so you are unaware what is actually working for you & what is working against you and lastly that you are unable to form a habit properly as too much is being changed.

I’ve slowly been adjusting macro nutrient ratios (currently on 40:40:20 split) calorific intake (18 calories per lb bodyweight) & my training routine.  This week I had considered changing things around a little, however I have decided to stick with my current split until I see such time that the improvements are tailing off.  Then I will shock the muscles by switching it up.  As it stands I am currently training 5 or 6 days a week as follows

  1. Monday –  Delts
  2. Tuesday – Legs (Heavy)
  3. Wednesday – Chest
  4. Thursday – Back or Rest Day*
  5. Friday – Legs (Light) or Back*
  6. Saturday – Biceps/Triceps
  7. Sunday – Rest

*Depending on whether I am training 6 days a week or 5 days, Legs may be trained twice.  Having a heavy day & a lighter, low intensity day will help you to improve areas that you perceive to be weaker, therefore any bodypart can be substituted for dual sessions.  I would probably avoid training smaller bodyparts such as biceps twice, as they are used when performing other body parts such as back & even a little bit in chest (depending on the exercise).  If a lighter session is done, at least one session in 3 is done using the occlusion method.  This is simply because much smaller weights can be utilised, saving wear on joints & tendons, whilst still stimulating the muscles for growth.

As I have mentioned, today I trained delts & was happy with my session as I was able to lift a significant amount more than last weeks session & in some cases an increased amount for more reps than last time.  This not only gives me more confidence regarding the training system in general, but also increased motivation with my training.

Here is a basic overview of what I did, using the TBS Training Worksheet available from the TBS Store.
















Overall, the session was a good one, & i feel good with the steady progress I am making.  Today I prepared all my meals for the day in advance except for my dinner this evening as I am having a few King Prawn Kebabs & I prefer to cook prawns from fresh.  I will add some images of the kebabs to my twitter & facebook feed so look out for those.

I butterflied some chicken breasts this morning, cooking them in a chilli & garlic marinade, along with some sweet potato, which were cut into wedges & cooked with garlic.  I also chopped up some red pepper & pan roasted some asparagus.  All the meals were cooked & placed in seperate 6pack bag containers & have been eaten according to my Nutrition Planner, again someting available on the TBS Store.

Tomorrow I will be again training Legs.  Now, last week i pushed myself to the point of very nearly puking. SO lets see if I can actually push past that & maybe even vomit a little this time haha!!

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