EvO-XD: Back & Traps

Over the past few days i’ve unfortunately been snowed under with work & have been unable to get to the gym like i had wanted to.  So today i made the effort to get in & catch up the back workout I had missed out on earlier in the week.  I’m still playing around with small aspects of the training system, however everything is starting to fall in to place & today I really looked forward to trying out some things on 2 of my favourite bodyparts to train, back & traps!

At the moment I am using a simple small pad of paper & pen (old school shall we say!) to keep a track of the weights i am using, intensity levels etc.  However, I am hoping in the future I shall be able to develop an app for both android & iphone handsets, which will do all of that & so, so much more!

The problem I have training my back at my current gym is the lack of variety & accessories available, as well as the quality of them.  I have tried work arounds these small problems, even requested certain things, however they were dismissed. So, to end my small frustrations I went away & bought these things myself.  Now, you will more than likely have things like V-Bar attachments in your gym, however almost all the attachments in my current gym are of nylon material & unfortunately have seen much better days.  As i like to do alot of pullup work when I am training my back, using various angles etc, i felt a few pounds was not much to invest in something which would definitely last.  So, below is an example of what I purchased, along with the dipping belt I also invested in to add resistance to my pull up work.












Armed with myequipment, i knew the next 55mins were going to be tough & I wouldn’t of had it any other way.  As I only had an hour to spare, I wanted to be in & out in the that time.  Here is a run down of the exercises I used today.


  • Pull Ups (Wide-Grip)
  • Pull Ups (Close Grip w/ V-Attachment)
  • Single Arm Cable Rows
  • Lat Pull Downs
  • Seated Dumbbell Shrugs
  • Behind back Smith Machine Shrugs

Have to say that I really pushed the levels, going beyond failure a couple of times to make up for the fact i’d skipped out on doing this session earlier in the week.  I had half of my postworkout shake literally seconds within finishing the final set, i actually left it 15-20 mins before i finished it off.  There is no real major reason for doing this, some people believe that it by splitting the shake up you will increase the bodys ability to synthesise it, I don’t really believe that.  The body will utilise it regardless of whether you split the shake or not.  My main reason for doing it is that I seem to get a little discomfort in the stomach area after drinking over 50g of dextrose (dextrose is my main source of post-workout carbs). So i prefer to split my shake up.

After I had finished my workout I decided to hit Nandos, as the kitchen is flame grilled & fresh chicken breast meat.  However i passed on the chips, bread rolls & other carbs available, sticking with the XX hot sauce instead.

Tomorrow i’ll be back in the gym. Tonight I want to look over the weeks worth of training records I have & maybe change the order around a little.  Until tomorrow…

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