EvO-XD Training System: Chest

Todays session was a mixed bag in all honestly. Too much frustration at my failing rotator cuff, half-arsed gym goers taking up time, space & dumbbells & being lifting a little more than I expected to for parts of the workout.

My main problem is my right shoulder. It’s a problem i’ve had for a number of years, all based on my rotator muscles in within the shoulder.  Unfortunately, they will often fail way before my chest, regardless of my form, exercise & weight used.  I often come away from a workout disappointed that I have been unable to push as hard as I have wanted, not really managed to get the pump that I wanted & despite my right side being the supposed stronger side, it will often fail before the left.  It’s a constant struggle for me & a constant stream of frustration.

I invested in a shoulder horn, had it imported from Germany.  It was recommended by none other than Dorian Yates & it has helped me alot when developing the strength in this area. The picture below shows you what this piece of equipment looks like.  However, I still struggle to really get a big pump in my chest.  Unfortunately that was the case today too.

The exercises I used today were as follows

  • Incline Dumbbell Press
  • Incline Dumbbell Flys (Angle slightly less than the presses)
  • Pec deck (I wanted to use the cable x-over machine, but it was taken)
  • Smith Machine Incline Presses.

I did manage to squeeze out a few sets on the cable x-over at the end of my session, however my shoulder had all but given up on me & I was ready to hit the shower.  Again, i was in & out in under 45mins & that includes the warm-up, having to chase around after dumbbells etc

Tomorrow, i will be hitting arguably my favourite muscle groups, Back & Traps, so I am highly motivated to improve on todays session which, if i’m brutally honest about, I only give a 7/10.

No less than 10/10 tomorrow though!! Next week I am hoping to purchase a flip camera to start with the videos.  They may coincide with the moving to pastures new in gym terms!

Till tomorrow…

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