EvO-XD Training System: Legs

I am now able to write this blog, as i have recovered enough to not be within running distance of a bucket or sink.

Yes, this is exactly how i felt after the final rep of todays workout.

Some of you maybe aware that last November i damaged my back quite badly, slipping a disc between L5/S1 vertabrae.  Due to this not only was I unable to get myself into top condition & compete at the Fitness England Championships & therefore miss out on competing at Fitness Britain this past weekend, but I have been worried about my ability to train my legs ever since. I can probably count on 2 hands the number of times i’ve trained my legs since last November, something I am very very embarrased about.  The truth is I let the fear win, something I will no longer do.

Armed with a ‘bucketload’ of motivation (unfortunately the bucket was not literal in this instance, however it maybe necessary in the future!) I headed off to the gym, hoping that the workout would be as quick as yesterdays (almost) & as intense (definitely).

Now, although I have kept most of the details of my system quiet thus far, i will say this. My last 2 exercise were a Hamstring exercise – Smith Machine Deadlifts, & a Quad Exercise – Smith Machine Squats. 1 set. 80 reps done in a rest/pause style. It very nearly killed me. I am embarrassed to admit that i bottled out on the squats. I got to 60 & knew i should carry on for one more big effort, but i didn’t. I guess it’s situations like this that a training partner can help, & despite the fact 30 seconds later I had my head over a sink ‘gipping’, i sit here now knowing that the guy that was waiting to use the smith machine after me that said “come on just another 20 reps” was right. But hey, this was my first true leg session after a very long time & i’m taking the positives from it. I completed the workout, legs were pumped & I know I have more to give.

The exercises i utilised today were as follows

  • Deadlifts w/Olympic Bar
  • Front Squats
  • High-Feet Leg Presses
  • Standard Leg Press
  • Seated Leg Curls
  • Leg Extensions
  • Smith Machine Deadlifts off a box
  • Smith Machine Squats

Although I managed to get a great workout in, I know that it is not going to be long before I am getting frustrated with the lack of variety & weight available at my current. Unfortunately, I have to travel over 12 miles to a much better (although more expensive) gym. However, if you have to travel a little to use a great gym, you should.  I will stay with my current membership for the coming couple of months, then I will move on.  One of the positives of the new gym is that it is owned by former IFBB Professional John Hodgeson, someone with great contest pedigree.  Due to this I will be grabbing an interview with John in the future, now that he has called time on his competition career, coming 2nd at the British GrandPrix. He also competed in the inaugral 202 class at the Mr. Olympia, in doing so fulfilling a dream of competing in one of, if not THE biggest Bodybuilding event in the world.

Tomorrow is Chest, a bodypart I enjoy training. Till tomorrow…


  1. If for whatever reason u r unable 2 get 2 a gym, there r many exercises u can do at home too such as sit-ups, push-ups, leg lifts, jumping jacks& more. U can also try jogging, walking, bicycling, or (if u have access 2 a pool or beach) swimming.

    1. Very true Debbie. There are a variety of exercises that someone can do at home. Infact, i will be producing a video in the coming weeks of a variety of exercises, using own body weight, household items & more that will really tax the body!

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