CrZ-13 System – Day 1

Recently I have struggled to find the time & motivation to get myself to the gym, focusing on other projects & also developing the website & ‘Fit-Chef’ brand, as well as writying articles for fitness publications.  Therefore my training has been almost non-existent.

Whilst i may of been relatively inactive in the gym, i have been using the time away from the gym to get over a few little niggles & also to develop a training system. This system is based upon many hours of my own research, years of others research as well as plenty of real world experience & the next 12 weeks will be the culmination of all of this.

As this is ‘my’ system & ‘my’ results depent upon it, it has given me a whole new lease of motivation as i don’t want my research to have gone to waste!

Today saw me back in the gym after 3 weeks off & Delts were on the agenda.

The great thing about my system is that the intensity is high, yet the duration is low. I was in and out of the gym with 45 mins & that included someone stopping to say hello & ask my advice about certain supplementation!

Although i am keeping the main details of my system under wraps for now, i shall divulge more & more as the weeks go.  This isn’t because i am a secretive person, it’s because the system is fundamentally in a development stage & as much as i would like to role it out to the masses, i can’t afford the time to answer all the questions that may come from others trying it out.  Also, if or when i make changes to certain things, i don’t want to have to notify everyone of each thing & reason why.  I’d prefer to do that at the end.

polar heart rate graph

Bring on Day 2!!

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