Month: July 2011

4th July 2011

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New week & another step towards achieving my goals.
Although i am hoping to work the event, i have my tickets for the BodyPower Expo next May, as well as registering to compete at the Miami Pro Championships.
I am now just awaiting details for the Fitness Britain Championships to allow registration for that too.

I am taking an executive decision to postpone going for my Pro Card until 2013 or even 2014. This is based mostly on financial reasons, however, i am also considering shoulder surgery to improve the condition of my rotator cuffs.

Next week i shall be filming a workout with 2010 NPA British Champion Del Galloway.

But back to this week….

Yesterday was a busy day from beginning to end, with a Back & Delts session and a Cardio & Abs session, as well as a bust night shift at work (Bren can support that fact!).

Details of my Back & Delts session are below.

My cardio session involved a 20 min session on the stepper, 20 min session on the cross-trainer & 10 mins on the treadmill.

I used an interval method on the stepper, manually increasing the level every 3 mins to the highest level for 1 minute.

On the cross trainer, i kept the intensity constant at a moderately-high intensity & the treadmill was a brisk walk on a 15% incline.

Abdominal training consisted of 4 exercises, 25 repetitions on each in a cycle.  I also practised some hanging tensing exercises, squeezing the abdominals hard & flexing the obliques for 10-15 seconds.
This is much tougher than you would realise, try it next time you train you abdominals.

Exercises were as follows

Hanging Leg Raises
Hanging Oblique Raises
Knee Tucks
Rope Pulldown Crunches